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Long Code Leasing

If a customer does not bring their own number (BYON), or port a number to us, then they can lease a 10DLC or toll-free number from Aerialink. There are applicable fees for industry registration, message transactions, number leasing and monthly messaging services. Additionally, all traffic must maintain compliance. Please familiarize yourself with all A2P Regulations & Conduct.

Number Activity

If a customer keeps inactive phone numbers, Aerialink may reclaim them to follow regulations. There aren’t hard and fast universal rules for what defines an “active” number, however a general best practice is that a number should send or receive a minimum of three (3) text messages in a month. Customers should release (deprovision) numbers they don’t use. When estimating how many assigned numbers to have on an account, a customer should lease numbers that they can use in the short term. A customer should keep their inventory close to the quantity of numbers they plan to activate within the next month or two. There is typically not a need for a customer to maintain a large inventory of numbers. A customer can always assign more numbers as-needed.

10DLC or Toll-Free Leasing

Prior to ordering a long code from Aerialink, you must have:

  • Signed and returned a copy of our Terms of Service Agreement
  • Purchased a license to cover the long codes you are requesting

Once you have completed the above actions, you are ready to place your order.

Order a 10DLC or TFN

Customers can browse and select desired long codes directly through the Aerialink Platform Portal. For a complete reference of all NPAs currently available through Aerialink and instructions for allocating those numbers to your account, log into the Aerialink Platform Portal and follow the instructions here.

Unavailable NPAs

If your desired number or region is not showing as available through the Platform Portal, you may place a backorder by submitting a support ticket.

The following information should be provided up-front with your initial LC request. Doing so will expedite the ordering process:

  • NPA and/or city/state
  • Desired quantity each
  • Approval to order number before activation*
  • For Voice: Forwarding SIP address and port number or the forwarding number

*Note: In your initial request, please specify whether you wish to review the long code prior to order finalization.

Vanity Restrictions

Please note that vanity 8XX/LC numbers in excess of ten digits (excluding country code) will not work for SMS the way that they do with voice. This is because voice network translation of a number is a progressive match of the digits, while SMS is an exact match.

Backorder NPA or City/State

Prior to placing your order, consider which of the following you are looking for:

  • a specific numerical area code (NPA)
  • a number local to a particular city or region

See our Full List of +1 NPAs.

Aerialink purchases long codes on the rate center level. Rate centers are tied to and typically named after the nearest “city” or large town, and supplies local numbers to that area. Therefore, if it is a specific NPA (area code) you are seeking, mention that in your order. If you seek a number local to a city or region and the NPA is spread too widely across your chosen state, then list the city and state in your order and we will locate the nearest rate center local to that area.

When placing your backorder, keep in mind that the availability of specific NPAs or rate centers may change. These changes are dependent upon a few key factors:

  1. Rate Center Location: Rate centers in rural areas are stocked less often due to less utilization compared to their urban counterparts. Because of this, rural rate centers may be out of stock at the time of your order.*
  2. Stock Fluctuates: NPA stock in any given rate center may change. Upon restocking, the RC may obtain more of the same NPA, or they may stock up with a different NPA local to their area. This is why Aerialink does not provide a list of set NPAs.
  3. Order Source Level: Aerialink cannot fulfill orders for specific NPANXXs as the inventories are keyed by and searches stocked on the rate center level. Therefore, orders for NPANXX cannot be completed. If the region the NXX serves is what you are looking for, instead provide us with the name of the city or town and we will locate the nearest possible rate center to your requested area.

*Backorders can be placed for out-of-stock rate centers, and typically take only one or two business days to complete. However, the exact timeline for the order’s fulfillment is dependent upon the rate center itself. Rural restocks can sometimes take as long as three months. In rare cases, a specific NPA may not be restocked at all.

Provided all necessary information has been given and the requested NPA is available, your Long Code order will be activated by the following business day provided that approval is received before 3 p.m. CT.

When Aerialink activates your long code, there are different network configuration options, such as forwarding an inbound call to either a SIP address or a telephone number (not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and a few other small pockets of domestic US). On the Platform Portal, these specifications are made based upon which connection to which you assign the long code. For backorders, please request any special forwarding requirements in your LC request.

Approval & Activation

If your desired number was ordered via the Platform Portal, it will be automatically allocated to your account and will be live for testing within one business day. However, 10DLC numbers must then be published to a registered 10DLC campaign before sending traffic. For toll-free, Sender Verification is required.

Bring Your Own Number Hosting

Bring your own U.S./Canadian long code or 8XX (Toll-Free) landline number and Aerialink will text-enable it, allowing you to keep your existing voice carrier contract with your service provider while Aerialink becomes the carrier for the messaging channel.

  • Number porting is not needed.
  • Requires the consent of the number’s end-user subscriber given via Letter of Authorization

To get started:

  1. Subscribe to an Aerialink messaging plan.
  2. Obtain a completed LOA from your customer.
  3. Ensure the signature date on the LOA is current (within the last thirty (30) days).
  4. Use a consistent naming convention for the LOA that includes the name of the brand/account.
  5. Submit the completed LOA via support ticket to our Help Desk Portal.
  6. In the body of the email, include the number(s) associated with the LOA.

Enterprise LOA

Service Providers and corporations with ongoing number activation may qualify for an Enterprise LOA. Please contact an Aerialink sales advisor for details.

Please be thorough in verifying any/all numbers provided to Aerialink to ensure that there are no errors.

Bulk Loads

Submit a ticket to our Help Desk Portal and we will load bulk orders on your behalf.

MMS Enablement

BYONs submitted to Aerialink are SMS-enabled by default. To enable numbers for MMS, please submit a ticket identifying the specific numbers via which you would like to send multimedia content and we will enable them for you.

Vanity Restrictions

Please note that vanity 8XX/LC numbers in excess of ten digits (excluding country code) will not work for SMS the way that they do with voice. This is because voice network translation of a number is a progressive match of the digits, while SMS is an exact match.

Request Steps for Toll-Free

Once you have submitted your completed LOA for industry validation to us via support ticket, your ticket will be updated as the order status progresses. Please note that before we submit the number for text enablement, we will perform a check to verify that it was not sourced from a number provider who performs routing overrides. Aerialink does not text-enable numbers from such providers.

The ability to text-enable an toll-free number is contingent upon the approval of your number’s Responsible Organization or “RespOrg,” which maintains the registration for individual toll-free telephone numbers. The RespOrg has up to two business days to either “approve” or “reject” the request.

If the request:

  • is “approved” by the RespOrg, the number will be activated for messaging on your Aerialink account.
  • is “rejected” by the RespOrg, you will be notified within two business days of your initial ticket request, at which point you may contact the RespOrg directly to request approval.
  • is “expired” after two days with no response from the RespOrg, the RespOrg did not act on the request. In this case, we will resubmit with the LOA and the registry will approve it.

For RespOrgs: Setting Auto-Approval

Please follow the steps below to set up auto-approval for Aerialink in the TSS Registry. If you’ve never logged into your TSS account, instructions can be found in the Toll-Free Service Providers section of the FAQs in the Somos Help Center.

  1. Log into
  2. Mouse over “Admin” in the upper navigation bar and select “Organizations.”
  3. Click the pen and tablet (edit) icon on the far right column to edit your organization. Note that your RespOrg will be at the top of the list.
  4. Under “Auto Approve from selected SRs,” click the drop-down menu.
  5. Select Aerialink by checking the checkbox.
  6. Click the blue “Edit Organization” button at the bottom to save the changes.

Request Steps for 10DLC

Once you have submitted your completed LOA for industry validation, a ticket will be created which will be updated as the order status progresses.

Aerialink will validate the information provided in your LOA. Your request will be either “approved” and moved forward or “rejected” due to insufficient information or an inability to text-enable the number. You will be notified of the status via support ticket to discuss next steps if needed.

  1. If the request is “approved” by Aerialink, your number will be assigned to your Aerialink account and activated for messaging.
  2. If the request is “rejected,” you may be able to resubmit the LOA with additional information as needed, depending upon the cause of the rejection.

Approval & Activation

Note that the registration requirements for BYON are the same as those for numbers leased directly through Aerialink. 10DLC numbers must be published to a registered 10DLC campaign before sending traffic. For toll-free, Sender Verification is required.

International Long Code Leasing

International Long Codes are registered with a specific country code for localized delivery, and as such many have coverage limited to the carriers in that country. In most cases, end-user devices/plans within the same country as the localized long code will not be charged international texting fees when sending messages to these codes. Some long codes have reach beyond their country boundaries, supporting international delivery. Please note that International Long Codes are named not because of their destination coverage, but because of our wide variety of originating international country codes.

Below you will find information about the international long codes we offer and the details of their capabilities. Remember, the “international” in “international long codes” in this case refers not to the code’s coverage but to our wide variety of available originating country codes. For more information about International Long Codes, see our Long Codes article under Basic Code Information.

International Short & Long Code Availability

U.S. Short Code Leasing

A short code appears as the sender ID on a mobile device as a four-to-six-digit phone number between 2000 and 99999. There are six main steps in establishing and launching a short code.

Short Code Holiday Certification Freeze

The lengthy certification process which shortcodes undergo is annually put on hold during specific windows of time which may differ from carrier to carrier. The holiday freeze dates for the current season can be found below once they have been announced. Please bear in mind that additional dates may be added as carriers announce their holiday freeze periods, so be sure to check back here again for updates nearer to the holiday season.

Short Code Application Terms

Each short code application (program brief) submitted by Aerialink on a customer’s behalf is subject to approval from the applicable mobile network operators (MNO). Aerialink has no control over an MNO’s approval process for short codes and will bear no liability if a short code application is rejected by an MNO. Furthermore, if an MNO rejects a short code application, Aerialink has no obligation to refund any short code-related fees paid by our customer to Aerialink prior to such MNO’s rejection of the application.

Short codes are administered by the Short Code Registry (also known as the Common Short Code Administration or CSCA) who oversees the technical and operational aspects of short code functions and maintains a single database of available, reserved, and registered short codes. Short codes and services are subject to U.S. carrier approval, and therefore the CSCA fees paid for the initial lease of a short code are non-refundable regardless of whether any wireless carrier agrees to activate your CSC. In addition, businesses are required to keep their campaign(s) up to date. If a campaign is changed or added it needs to be resubmitted for review per carrier policy.

Lease a Short Code

A CSC is leased for an initial three-month term after which it is billed monthly. The leasing fees for “vanity” short codes are higher than those of “random” short codes. Vanity short codes can be very effective in helping consumers remember and use your short code. Many companies deploy several short codes to support a variety of services. Five-and-six-digit codes are leased in three-month blocks, while four-digit codes are leased for an entire year in advance.

If you prefer to select a code (the vanity option) you can go to to search for available short codes. For your convenience, this site also has a list of vanity words generated from available short codes. The initial leasing cost is the full amount for the duration of the registration period (lease period is a minimum of 3 months). The actual time to lease your code is relatively short and is accomplished within a couple of days.

As noted in the Short Code Application Terms, short codes and services are subject to U.S. carrier approval, and therefore the CSCA fees paid for the initial lease of a short code are non-refundable regardless of whether any wireless carrier agrees to activate your CSC.

Define Your Program

You must define the details of your campaign for downstream review by the Wireless Carriers and CTIA Monitoring team. At least one campaign per short code must describe its use case, campaign name, message flow, message content, and forecasted volumes among other details.

All submissions will include MMS certification unless MMS certification is explicitly declined. Note that certifying for MMS at the time of initial SMS certification comes at no additional cost. However, adding MMS later on does require additional certification charges. Reach out to your Aerialink Account Director for more information.

For more information about required message content for short codes, see our Compliance section. Note that “shared” short codes are no longer permissible in the United States. All short codes must be “dedicated” - meaning, they are used by one brand only.

Submit an Application

Aerialink will submit your completed campaign application to all desired wireless carriers for review and provisioning on each of their networks. This will take approximately eight to twelve weeks.

Test and Launch

During the weeks that your application is in review, you can be fine-tuning and testing your campaign through the Aerialink Gateway. Once approved and provisioned, the CSC will be live on U.S. carriers allowing you to launch a soft campaign (try it out with a subset of users), and then deploying the final full launch.

Renew Your Code

After your initial three-month term, you will be opted automatically into Aerialink’s auto-renew option for the convenience and flexibility of extending the lease of your CSCs beyond the term expiration date via an automatic credit card payment.

If you do not want to auto-renew, please reach out to your Account Director.

Canadian Short Code Leasing

Certification is done after the short code is provisioned by the carriers and is submitted to the CWTA, after which point the lease of the code is awarded. Once reviewed, applications are submitted to the Canadian carriers during their weekly Tuesday meeting with CWTA. At that time, if carrier approval is granted, a letter of approval detailing the provisioning date(s) is published. The timeframe is typically similar to that of a U.S. short code certification - eight to twelve weeks.

International Short Code Leasing

See the table below for information about available international short codes and the details of obtaining them. Any field marked as “N/A” indicates that that type of code is not available at that Rate Type. If a Rate Type is not listed for a Country, then that country does not provide that Rate Type for short codes.

International Short & Long Code Availability