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Migration & Porting

Number Porting


“Number Porting” refers to the transfer of long codes or TNs from one service provider to another. For instance, a new Aerialink customer who wants to bring their numbers over from their previous provider is looking to port their numbers to Aerialink. These ported numbers can then be TEXT-enabled to send/receive SMS just like any other Aerialink number.


Number porting requires a coordinated effort between the former carrier and future carrier for the numbers. The length of time varies, and can stretch longer if the port is bulk en masse.

Ports can be scheduled to occur on specific dates to best work for both the customer and for the carriers involved, though on rare occasions (due to the aforementioned coordination between carriers) ports may complete prior to or following the specified porting date. Anticipating the potential of an early port, customers porting to Aerialink should configure their number(s) to be ready to port in advance. If the port is going to be delayed for any reason, Aerialink will notify customers as soon as that information is available, but it is recommended that new customers continue their service with their previous carrier until porting is complete and successful traffic flow has been verified.

Any U.S. standard or 8XX number can be ported to Aerialink.

To begin the number porting process, simply email with the following information:

  1. The number(s) you wish to port
  2. Existing carrier
  3. Billing name, address and account numbers for the number(s) to be ported (Copy of invoice/bill)
  4. Services running on number (SMS only? SMS and voice?)

Once we have these details we can start the process.

Short Code Migration Process

Step 1: Setup

Customer Account

In order to fulfill Step 1 you must be an existing Aerialink customer and the following forms must be completed and sent to your account manager:

  • Billing Authorization Form
  • Terms of Service Agreement

Each of the required forms are available in the Downloads section.

Billing & Payment

  • The billing for your short code needs to be transferred to Aerialink’s care. The Billing Authorization document can be found here.
  • Full payment of account setup, including payment for the first month of service (setup & 1st month’s fee), operator fees and applicable short code fees must be fulfilled.

Short Code Lease Migration

To transfer the lease of your short code into Aerialink’s iconectiv or CSCA account, simply:

Your CSCA migration request letter should follow the below template:

To Whom It May Concern:

We, [Company Name], would like to migrate our short code [#####] awway from our current CSCA account and into Aerialink’s CSCA account named AERIALINK. Please complete this request, effective [date of letter].

[Contact Information]

Upon completion of the transfer of your short code lease, Aerialink will automatically manage your upcoming short code lease payments. Any outstanding balance on your existing short code lease with Neustar will be pro-rated to match your current Aerialink billing cycle.

Step 2: Program & System Readiness

  • Use our System Requirements page as a checklist to review the required capabilities that your application must support. These are bare minimum requirements for carrier testing.
  • Review our Compliance section to ensure that your mobile program’s Terms & Conditions, Call-to-Action and message content are ready for submission.
  • The URL to your mobile program’s Terms & Conditions webpage should be live (not on a test or development server).

This ensures readiness for submission and provides you feedback if changes are needed. During this process, Aerialink will consult with carrier contacts to obtain initial feedback before submitting to carrier certification teams.

Step 4: Carrier Provisioning

Each carrier will review your program brief prior to migration and perform testing on their end before provisioning the code to their network. Some carriers may pass your program with no issues while others may require some changes.

Sprint provisions new and migrated short codes in batches twice monthly. All other carriers simply switch over once they have approved the campaign’s content.

This step typically takes 3-4 weeks, but can vary based on carrier provisioning team workload.

Step 5: Carrier Migration

Carriers will flip the switch to pull traffic through the new route. Note that when these are turned on, it may seem that the code is “launched” prior to our confirmation. However, we suggest you use this time to run tests and ensure that the campaign is fully functional. It is not recommended to go live on the code prior to our confirmation of launch.

Step 6: Testing & Launch

The code will launch carrier by carrier, and Aerialink will notify you as this happens. Note that some carriers may launch the code within a few days of completing provisioning while others may take longer.

You may transfer your short code lease and/or migrate service to a different SMS Service Provider at any time. Simply contact your Aerialink account manager or customer support if you wish to initiate lease transfer or service migration.

Short Code Service Transfer

Aerialink will facilitate the live short code migration to your new provider if you wish to transfer service away from Aerialink.

Short Code Lease Transfer

When Aerialink leases a short code on your behalf, we will always honor your wish to transfer the short code lease away from Aerialink to your own account or to that of a different provider.

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