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SMPP Status Codes

API Version: SMPP 3.4

SMPP 3.4 Status Codes

Error Number in Hexadecimal Error Number in Decimal Error Name Error Description
0x000ESME_ROKNo Error
0x011ESME_RINVMSGLENMessage too long
0x022ESME_RINVCMDLENCommand length is invalid
0x033ESME_RINVCMDIDCommand ID is invalid or not supported
0x044ESME_RINVBNDSTSIncorrect bind status for given command
0x055ESME_RALYBNDAlready bound
0x066ESME_RINVPRTFLGInvalid Priority Flag
0x077ESME_RINVREGDLVFLGInvalid registered delivery flag
0x088ESME_RSYSERRSystem error
0x0A10ESME_RINVSRCADRInvalid source address
0x0B11ESME_RINVDSTADRInvalid destination address
0x0C12ESME_RINVMSGIDMessage ID is invalid
0x0D13ESME_RBINDFAILBind failed
0x0E14ESME_RINVPASWDInvalid password
0x0F15ESME_RINVSYSIDInvalid System ID
0x1117ESME_RCANCELFAILCanceling message failed
0x1319ESME_RREPLACEFAILMessage replacement failed
0x1420ESME_RMSSQFULMessage queue full
0x1521ESME_RINVSERTYPInvalid service type
0x3351ESME_RINVNUMDESTSInvalid number of destinations
0x3452ESME_RINVDLNAMEInvalid distribution list name
0x4064ESME_RINVDESTFLAGInvalid destination flag
0x4266ESME_RINVSUBREPInvalid submit with replace request
0x4367ESME_RINVESMCLASSInvalid esm class set
0x4468ESME_RCNTSUBDLInvalid submit to distribution list
0x4569SUBMIT_SM: MDN BLOCKEDBlocked sender or receiver on the platform (AT&T)
0x4872ESME_RINVSRCTONInvalid source address type of number ( TON )
0x4973ESME_RINVSRCNPIInvalid source address numbering plan ( NPI )
0x5080ESME_RINVDSTTONInvalid destination address type of number ( TON )
0x5181ESME_RINVDSTNPIInvalid destination address numbering plan ( NPI )
0x5383ESME_RINVSYSTYPInvalid system type
0x5484ESME_RINVREPFLAGInvalid replace_if_present flag
0x5585ESME_RINVNUMMSGSInvalid number of messages
0x5888ESME_RTHROTTLEDThrottling error
0x6197ESME_RINVSCHEDInvalid scheduled delivery time
0x6298ESME_RINVEXPIRYInvalid Validity Period value
0x6399ESME_RINVDFTMSGIDPredefined message not found
0x64100ESME_RX_T_APPNESME Receiver temporary error
0x65101ESME_RX_P_APPNESME Receiver permanent error
0x66102ESME_RX_R_APPNESME Receiver reject message error
0x67103ESME_RQUERYFAILMessage query request failed
0x68104SUBMIT_SM: SPAMSpam message detected/rejected (AT&T)
0x69105SUBMIT_SM: MAX LIMITSSending limit reached (AT&T)
0x6A106SUBMIT_SM: INVALID TAG DATAMessage has invalid tagging data (AT&T)
0x6B107SUBMIT_SM: NON-COMPLIANTNon-compliant URL or other non-compliance issue (AT&T)
0xC0192ESME_RINVTLVSTREAMError in the optional part of the PDU body
0xC2194ESME_RINVTLVLENInvalid parameter length
0xC3195ESME_RMISSINGTLVExpected TLV missing
0xC4196ESME_RINVTLVVALInvalid TLV value
0xFE254ESME_RDELIVERYFAILURETransaction delivery failure
0xFF255ESME_RUNKNOWNERRUnknown error
0x100256ESME_RSERTYPUNAUTHESME not authorized to use specified servicetype
0x101257ESME_RPROHIBITEDESME prohibited from using specified operation
0x102258ESME_RSERTYPUNAVAILSpecified servicetype is unavailable
0x103259ESME_RSERTYPDENIEDSpecified servicetype is denied
0x104260ESME_RINVDCSInvalid data coding scheme
0x105261ESME_RINVSRCADDRSUBUNITInvalid source address subunit
0x106262ESME_RINVSTDADDRSUBUNIRInvalid destination address subunit
0x26499801QUOTA EXCEEDED ERRORContent provider service quota has been exhausted (T-Mobile SDG Platform)
0x264A9802QUOTA ERROR EXCEPTIONECE quota API return error code (T-Mobile SDG Platform)
0x26539811CALL SDG propertyAccess API AND ECE RETURN ERROR OR DATA IS INVALIDUnexpected network or system error (T-Mobile SDG Platform)
0x26549812SDG RETURN HTTP 200 BUT DATA CAUSES SERVICE ERRORUnexpected network or system error (T-Mobile SDG Platform)
0x26559813ECE CONNECTION ERRORUnexpected network or system error (T-Mobile SDG Platform)
0x265B9819ECE INTERNAL ERROROther internal error (T-Mobile SDG Platform)
0x265D9821TAGGING ERRORTagging error (T-Mobile SDG Platform)
0x26679831SHORT CODE VERIFICATION ERRORShort code verification error - comparation fail with ENUM server response (T-Mobile SDG Platform)
0x26689832ENUM SERVER CONNECTION ERROR EXCEPTIONENUM server connection error (T-Mobile SDG Platform)
0x26699833ENUM SERVER IP ADDRESS CONFIGURATION ERRORInit ENUM server error, e.g. ENUM server IP address configuration error (T-Mobile SDG Platform)