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Codes & Numbers

Codes are the “from” number or address attached to your mobile messages. Learn about types of codes, how to obtain them, their service characteristics and more.

Basic Code Information

  1. Choosing a Code
  2. Text-Enable Business Numbers
  3. 10DLC Long Codes
  4. Toll-Free Numbers
  5. Short Codes
  6. Alphanumeric Sender IDs

Code Leasing

  1. 10DLC or Toll-Free Leasing
  2. Bring Your Own Number Hosting
  3. International Long Code Leasing
  4. U.S. Short Code Leasing
  5. Canadian Short Code Leasing
  6. International Short Code Leasing

Migration & Porting

  1. Number Porting
  2. Short Code Migration Process
  3. Migrating Away from Aerialink