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Messaging Route Features Overview

RouteDLR(1)Binary(2)Unicode(4)WAPConcatenation(5)MMSSource Address Replacement
U.S. Long Code WirelineTier 1 Carriers(3)GSM variesYes/varies based on carrierNo (short code only)GSM onlySubset of carriers certifiedNo
U.S. Long Code WirelessTier 1 Carriers(3)GSM variesYes/varies based on carrierNo (short code only)GSM onlyYesNo
Int’l Long CodeVaries by CountryGSM variesUsuallyVariesGSM onlyNoVaries by Country
Int’l Sender IDVaries by CountryGSM variesUsuallyVariesGSM onlyNoVaries by Country
  1. We are currently gathering data on the support of DLRs across carriers.
  2. Though Binary and Unicode (UCS-2) are technically supported per SMPP 3.4 specifications, our experience shows that Binary is genrally not a well-supported feature even when carriers claim to support it.
  3. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile
  4. The max characters-per-message count for Unicode content is 70 characters.)
  5. The maximum number of characters per concatenated message segment is slightly reduced.

SMS Overview

Code TypeRegistered CountryPlanCoverageSurcharge Fees
Short CodeUnited StatesN/AUnited StatesYes
Short CodeCanadaN/ACanadaYes
Short CodeAny Supported CountryN/AGlobalN/A
AlphanumericAny Supported CountryN/AGlobalN/A
Long Code+1 CountryInternational ReachGlobalYes
Long Code+1 CountryU.S. & Canada++1/Non-surcharge destinations+1-Only*
Long CodeAny Supported CountryN/AVaries**Yes

MMS Overview

Code TypeSurcharge FeesCoverage
U.S. Short CodeYes98% of U.S. market
U.S. Registered Long CodeYes98.5% of U.S. Market

*This route type incurs the surcharge fee for delivery to the +1 destinations included on the first sheet - U.S., Canada, Caribbean+ Reach - within the Aerialink Long-Code Reach spreadsheet.

**Localized International Reach Long Codes may offer global reach, or maybe limited to reach within their registered country depending on that country’s regulations.

Short Code Carrier Reach

The link below provides carrier reach lists for both the U.S. (sheet 1) and Canada (sheet 2) for both SMS and MMS, as well as SMS & MMS DLR and FTEU program availability for U.S. carriers.

The following reach list is effective 3/1/2018.

FTEU Short Code Program Reach

There may be a few Tier 3 carriers who, while listed in the above reach document, do not support FTEU. Also, please note that U.S. Cellular, who approves FTEU on a case-by-case basis, and will not approve FTEU programs without presentation of a business case which leans toward large-scale needs such as banking alerts and/or OTP for large companies.

Long Code Carrier Reach

The reach lists contained within the spreadsheet below align with Aerialink Subscription Plans. Please contact to add additional Plans to your account that will extend your reach.

The following reach list is effective 2/1/2020.

Note: MMS DLR is available through MM4 connection only.

U.S. & Canada+ Long Code Plan

This reach list can be found on the first sheet of the Aerialink Long-Code Reach spreadsheet. The reach of this plan includes +1 country code destinations and any other countries that do not impose a message surcharge fee.

International Reach Long Code Plan

This reach list can be found on the second sheet of the Aerialink Long-Code Reach spreadsheet.The International Reach Long Code Plan includes carriers worldwide. Most of the countries included impose a per message outbound surcharge fee. By default, the International Plan will allow your codes to reach all of these countries and their associated surcharge fees will be applied to your invoice. If you need to restrict any of your long codes from reaching specific countries, please send a list of those countries and your associated long codes to and we will apply the restrictions to those codes.

Keep in mind that not all destinations and/or carriers support two-way(inbound and outbound) delivery. Some may allow only one-way(outbound only) delivery to an end-user, thereby disallowing the end-user from replying to the message. This reach list provides visibility to one-way vs. two-way support.

Please check the Messaging Fees page for country-by-country surcharge information.

Toll-Free (8XX) Plan

This reach list can be found on the third sheet of the Aerialink Long-Code Reach spreadsheet. This reach includes Canada and the United States.

8XX reach can be found in the third tab of the following document:

Alphanumeric ID Reach

Contact your Account Director or our sales team to learn more about alphanumeric Sender ID support and availability.
<!–The following reach list was last updated 4/19/2019

Numbers Lookup Reach

  • Used For: Looking up information about a number, such as whether it is wireless or landline, or which carrier network it is running on.
  • Coverage: Varies by quarry.
Lookup QuarryCoverage
Wireless or Landline190+ countries
Number Portability54 of 56 LNP countries*

*Countries which support Local Number Portability.

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