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API Version 4


Version 4 is the latest version of the Aerialink API. Interfacing with our reengineered platform, v4 delivers higher scalability, improved performance and supports multiple resources including Send and Receive SMS and Numbers Lookup.


  • Messages Resource: Send and Receive SMS, MMS, or Data (Text/Multimedia/Binary) messages between your application and a mobile wireless handset or device operating on approved wireless carrier, or check the status of your messages.
  • Numbers Resource: Lookup any telephone number (mobile, land-line, satelite, etc.), to identify the associated Carrier/Operator, Timezone, and other related details for routing or billing purposes
  • Reports Resource: Access message reports by a specified date range.
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Technical Overview

The Aerialink API is a RESTful over HTTP(s)-based architectural style. This means that the interface uses normal HTTP(s) requests and is easy to implement.

All requests should be submitted over HTTP using UTF-8 encoding and URL encoded values.

For further information on the REST atchitectural style, please see Representational state transfer.