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Throughput Limits

API Interface: SMPP API Version 3.4


The Aerialink SMPP API imposes two types of limits on the throughput use of our API unless special arrangements have been made. These limits exist to protect the Aerialink network as well as adhere to operator/carrier requirements. If you need your limits adjusted, please contact the Aerialink Support Team with a change request and an explanation for the change. Any violation of your account/resource limits may subject your service to immediate termination.

Account-Level Limits

SMPP Connection - Aggregate Maximum Request Limit

  • 100,000 requests p/day
  • 1,000,000 requests p/month

Resource-Specific Limits

Messages API

The table below details the throughput limit per each messaging route. for more information about registered number types, see Basic Code Information.

Route NameRegistered Number TypeRoute TypeMax Recommended Throughput per number
US/Canada Dedicated Short CodeShort CodeA2P40 msgs/sec
US/Canada Shared Short CodeShort CodeA2P10 msgs/sec
8XX Toll-Free PlusLocation-Neutral NumberA2P20 msgs/sec
8XX Toll-Free StandardLocation-Neutral NumberP2P1 msg/1.5 sec*
5XXLocation-Neutral NumberP2P1 msg/sec*
+1 US/Canada Standard NumberStandard NumberP2P1 msg/4 sec*
+1 Standard Originating Int’l (2-way)Location-Neutral NumberP2P1 msg/sec*
Int’l Localized Long Code by Country (2-way)Local NumberA2P20 msgs/sec
Int’l Localized Short Code by Country (2-way)Short CodeA2P20 msgs/sec
International Outbound-Only (1-way)Alphanumeric Sender IDA2P1 msg/sec*