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Platform Trial Accounts

This article is intended for users who are using an Aerialink trial account. If you are a Service Provider who would like to request a trial account for your own customer prospects, check out the instructions here.


Thank you for signing up for a trial account with Aerialink, your single-point platform for mobile data communications. You can log into the Aerialink Platform to edit any of the items mentioned in these articles here using the user name and password you used when you registered.

Your 14-Day Trial Account provides access to the following features:

  • Aerialink Platform Management Portal
  • Aerialink API
  • 100 Free Transactions
  • Send Tool
  • Numbers Lookup Tool
  • API Console
  • Transaction Activity/Status Reports
  • Aerialink Documentation

For more information on the features included in your trial account, visit You may convert your account to a paid subscription or cancel your 14-day trial at any time by contacting Aerialink via email or phone.

The following guides will assist you in utilizing the features listed above by teaching you how to:

  • Change your password
  • Set your Time Zone
  • View your Trial Number
  • View API Documentation
  • Whitelist Server IP Addresses
  • Retrieve API Credentials
  • Specify our Host Address for API calls
  • Specify your Trial Number for API calls
  • Configure an End Point
  • Send SMS
  • Receive SMS
  • Submit Numbers Lookup requests
  • View Numbers Lookup responses

Account Setup

User Profile

Prior to using your trial account, you must access your user profile settings to alter your password and set your time zone.

To do this:

  1. Click the menu button below your name in the upper-right-hand corner.
  2. Access your user profile.
  3. Update your password so that it is unique to you.
  4. Set your current time zone.

Test Number

Your account is provisioned with a US-Registered long code. This is the “from” number that the mobile recipient sees on their phone.

Developer API Interfacing

Follow the steps below to interface your application with Aerialink’s Gateway. If you are not interfacing an external application you can these steps.

  1. Documentation: Consult the Aerialink API documentation for HTTP v4 or SMPP v3.4 to learn how to interface your application with Aerialink.
  2. Firewalls: Whitelist your intended server IP addresses.
  3. Credentials: Retrieve your API Key and Secret
  4. Resource Access: Under Hosts, specify one of the following in your API call:
  5. Source Number: Specify your assigned long code/number as the source value in the API call.
  6. End Point (optional): To receive inbound SMS or DLR, configure an inbound HTTP address:

    a. Go to Connections.
    b. Click the Edit button on the connection.
    c. Select your Aerialink hosted long code or short code from the drop-down.
    d. To associate an application:

    • For HTTP: Select API HTTP, then “add new http endpoint” and enter the URL or choose from existing endpoints. (You will need a separate URL endpoint for inbound messages and delivery receipts, though both are optional)
    • For SMPP: Select API SMPP, then select the credential system ID from the dropdown menu
  7. View Forwarding (optional): View your connection forwarding on the Endpoint screen.

SMS Messages

Sending SMS

The Platform Management Portal offers two tools for sending SMS.

Send Tool

  1. Go to the Send Tool.
  2. Select your assigned test long code.
  3. Enter the destination mobile number.
  4. Submit.

API Console

  1. Go to API Console.
  2. Select your preferred methods, response schema and parameters.
  3. Submit .

Receiving SMS

View inbound messages from the Activity Report:

  1. Select your filter criteria.
  2. Submit.

Numbers Lookup

The Numbers Lookup resource allows users to learn which network operator currently serves a given telephone number, determine whether a mobile number is wireless or landline, valid or invalid and view a number’s registered country. if it is a valid number, and the registered country. Numbers Lookup is a cost-effective method for improving improve delivery and troubleshooting message failure.

Submit Lookup

The Platform Management Portal offers three tools to submit a Numbers lookup request.

Single-Number Lookup

This quick tool returns only the network operator.

  1. Go to Numbers Lookup.
  2. Enter the destination number.
  3. Submit.

Multiple Numbers Lookup

This tool runs a batch process from a file you upload and returns the complete set of data available.

  1. Go to Numbers Lookup.
  2. Click “Upload”.
  3. Select your desired file.
  4. Submit.

API Console Numbers Lookup

Using the API Console, you may request a full set of information for up to one hundred numbers at a time with your trial account.

  1. Go to API Console.
  2. Select “Numbers” as the method.
  3. Select your preferred response schema and parameters.
  4. Submit.

View Lookup Response

The Numbers Lookup response may be viewed in the API console directly, but may also be accessed via the Activity Report.