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Industry Terms Thesaurus

The mobile ecosystem is rife with terminology. However, because the mobile industry is still young, many terms and phrases have not been completely standardized. While there may be common uses, the terms used to refer to certain products, services and actions may differ from business to business throughout the industry. This list seeks to cut down on some of that confusion by providing a lists items and services coupled with all of the terms that may be used to describe them.


  • Connection Aggregator
  • Messaging Aggregator
  • Off-Portal Service Provider
  • SMS Broker

Long Code

  • Long Number
  • VMN (Virtual Mobile Number)
  • International Number
  • SMS Business Number
  • Special Long Number

Short Code

  • CSC (Common Short Code)
  • Short Number
  • SMS Number
  • Special Number
  • Marketing Campaign Code
  • Mobile Marketing Address
  • SMS Brand Number
  • “Text To” Number


  • EMS (Extended Messaging Service)
  • Long-Message Split
  • Long SMS
  • Multi-part Message
  • PDU Mode SMS
  • SAR (Segmentation and Reassembly)

Destination Address

  • End-User Number
  • Handset Number
  • Mobile Number

Mobile Program

  • Program
  • Campaign
  • Application
  • Service
  • MDN (Mobile Device Number)
  • Messaging Service
  • SMS Business Service
  • SMS Marketing Campaign
  • SMS A2P (Application to Person/Peer)

Mobile Program Subscriber

  • Mobile End-User
  • Mobile Subscriber
  • End-User
  • Subscriber
  • Customer
  • Consumer

Sender ID

  • Message Originator
  • Source Address

Transactional Campaign

  • One-time
  • Query-based

Wireless Carrier

  • Mobile Network Operator (MNO)
  • Carrier Service Provider (CSP)
  • Wireless Service Provider
  • Operator
  • Mobile Operator
  • Mobile Carrier
  • Mobile Ntwork Carrier
  • Mobile Service Provider
  • Cellular Provider
  • Cellular Company
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

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