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Migrating to API v4


Migrating to API version 4 from either version 20100101 or 20090401 is as simple as the steps outlined below. While this process is very simple, we highly recommend that you coordinate a call with our support team to assist you with your planning and migration:

Necessary Modifications

Request Base

Change the API Host Address/Name/URL to match the version 4 full URL including the resource you are implementing. Refer to the details located in the API Version 4 for these details.

Request Parameters

Review and change the request parameters to match the new API version.

CallBack: If the resource you are using involves a POST back (CallBack) to your application server, review the parameters in the CallBack and make sure you are configured to process these parameters in your application.

Response Parameters

If you process or save the transaction GUID or response status codes and description be sure to review the differences in Version 4 to account for them in your application code.

Steps for Seamless Migration

If you are migrating to the v4 messages resource from a previous version, the following ordered steps are recommended to ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Change your “Send a Message” configuration (i.e. Your-Application-to-Aerialink [POST]).
  2. Change your “Receive a Message” configuration (i.e. Aerialink-to-Your-Application [POST]).
  3. Coordinate with Aerialink on routing changes for long codes and/or short codes.

Note: These steps assume that you have already tested the API in your application.