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Messaging Fees

+1-Originated Number Surcharges

The carrier-imposed surcharge fees and credits in the table below apply only to originating codes/numbers with a +1 country code, configured to a route which enables the delivery of messages to the destinations in the table below. Refer to your routing configuration and assigned rates for details. These surcharges are passed through from surcharge carriers to Aerialink customers after all applicable fees (including currency exchanges) have been applied.

When leasing a long code from Aerialink, customers may choose between default and surcharge-enabled routes for their +1-originated long codes. A customer may have any combination of these code types within their account.

  • Default Codes can deliver successfully to +1 destinations and countries without surcharge fees. If a message is sent from a Default Code to a surcharge-imposing country it will be blocked and no surcharge fees will be applied.
  • Surcharge-Enabled Codes support messaging to all countries in our reach list, and will be billed accordingly for the surcharge rates of destination countries as-applicable. All messages sent to surcharge countries via surcharge-enabled long codes will be charged the appropriate surcharge fees.

Messaging traffic to +1 destinations will always be subject to those related surcharges regardless of whether the code is configured for surcharge or non-surcharge reach. The only exception to this is for 8XX numbers which are excluded as of March 1st, 2018 from these carrier surcharge fees. For more information about 8XX reach, see the 8XX tab in the reach list downloadable here.

Aerialink updates this page monthly based on the latest information from international operators and carrier hubs. Some of these destinations will provide a credit for inbound “return” messages if there is a corresponding outbound message (see the inbound credit column). For a complete reach list of countries and carriers around the world (regardless of surcharge status), see our Delivery Reach article.

Effective Date 12/01/2018

Country CodeService TypeRegionCountryOutbound Surcharge USDInbound Credit USD
1CANMMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanCanada - MMS ONLY0.012000.00000
1CANSMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanCanada0.008000.00000
1USASMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanUnited States of America or Canada0.000150.00000
93SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastAfghanistan0.070000.04000
355SMSEuropeAlbania (Republic of)0.080000.01000
213SMSAfricaAlgeria (People’s Democratic Republic of)0.090000.05000
1684SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanAmerican Samoa0.000150.00000
376SMSEuropeAndorra (Principality of)0.060000.00000
244SMSAfricaAngola (Republic of)0.070000.04000
1264SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanAnguilla0.030000.00000
1268SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanAntigua and Barbuda0.030000.00000
54SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Argentine Republic0.040000.00000
374SMSEuropeArmenia (Republic of)0.070000.00000
61SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificAustralia0.100000.00000
672SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificAustralian External Territories0.060000.04000
994SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastAzerbaijani Republic0.100000.02000
1242SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanBahamas (Commonwealth of the)0.000150.00000
973SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastBahrain (Kingdom of)0.030000.00000
880SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesBangladesh (People’s Republic of)0.080000.01000
1246SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanBarbados0.030000.00000
375SMSEuropeBelarus (Republic of)0.080000.00000
501SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Belize0.000000.00000
229SMSAfricaBenin (Republic of)0.070000.04000
1441SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanBermuda0.030000.00000
975SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastBhutan (Kingdom of)0.060000.00000
591SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Bolivia (Republic of)0.070000.00000
387SMSEuropeBosnia and Herzegovina0.080000.01000
267SMSAfricaBotswana (Republic of)0.070000.05000
55SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Brazil (Federative Republic of)0.080000.00000
1284SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanBritish Virgin Islands0.030000.00000
673SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificBrunei Darussalam0.060000.04000
359SMSEuropeBulgaria (Republic of)0.110000.00000
226SMSAfricaBurkina Faso0.090000.05000
257SMSAfricaBurundi (Republic of)0.070000.00000
855SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesCambodia (Kingdom of)0.100000.00000
237SMSAfricaCameroon (Republic of)0.070000.03000
238SMSAfricaCape Verde (Republic of)0.070000.00000
1345SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanCayman Islands0.030000.00000
236SMSAfricaCentral African Republic0.070000.00000
235SMSAfricaChad (Republic of)0.090000.00000
56SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Chile0.080000.00000
86SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesChina (People’s Republic of)0.040000.01000
57SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Colombia (Republic of)0.050000.00000
269SMSAfricaComoros and Mayotte Island0.080000.05000
242SMSAfricaCongo (Republic of the)0.080000.05000
682SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificCook Islands0.080000.04000
506SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Costa Rica0.070000.00000
225SMSAfricaCôte d’Ivoire (Republic of)0.080000.05000
385SMSEuropeCroatia (Republic of)0.090000.00000
53SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Cuba0.070000.00000
357SMSEuropeCyprus (Republic of)0.060000.00000
420SMSEuropeCzech Republic0.090000.00000
243SMSAfricaDemocratic Republic of the Congo0.080000.02000
670SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificDemocratic Republic of Timor-Leste0.060000.03000
253SMSAfricaDjibouti (Republic of)0.060000.04000
1767SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanDominica (Commonwealth of)0.030000.00000
1809SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanDominican Republic0.060000.00000
1829SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanDominican Republic0.060000.00000
1849SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanDominican Republic0.060000.00000
593SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Ecuador0.090000.00000
20SMSAfricaEgypt (Arab Republic of)0.070000.05000
503SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)El Salvador (Republic of)0.030000.00000
240SMSAfricaEquatorial Guinea (Republic of)0.070000.05000
372SMSEuropeEstonia (Republic of)0.070000.00000
251SMSAfricaEthiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of)0.060000.05000
500SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Falkland Islands (Malvinas)0.060000.00000
298SMSAfricaFaroe Islands0.090000.00000
679SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificFiji (Republic of)0.100000.00000
594SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)French Guiana (French Department of)0.000000.00000
689SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificFrench Polynesia (Territoire français d’outre-mer)0.090000.08000
241SMSAfricaGabonese Republic0.080000.00000
220SMSAfricaGambia (Republic of the)0.070000.00000
995SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastGeorgia0.070000.00000
49SMSEuropeGermany (Federal Republic of)0.090000.00000
299SMSEuropeGreenland (Denmark)0.000000.00000
1473SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanGrenada0.030000.00000
590SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Guadeloupe (French Department of)0.070000.00000
1671SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanGuam0.000150.00000
502SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Guatemala (Republic of)0.030000.00000
224SMSAfricaGuinea (Republic of)0.080000.00000
245SMSAfricaGuinea-Bissau (Republic of)0.070000.05000
592SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Guyana0.030000.00000
509SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Haiti (Republic of)0.070000.00000
504SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Honduras (Republic of)0.030000.00000
852SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesHong Kong, China0.090000.00000
36SMSEuropeHungary (Republic of)0.070000.00000
91SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastIndia (Republic of)0.060000.02000
62SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificIndonesia (Republic of)0.060000.00000
870SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesInmarsat SNAC0.100000.08000
881SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesInternational Mobile, shared code0.100000.08000
883SMSInternational NetworksInternational Networks0.070000.00000
882SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesInternational Networks, shared code0.100000.01000
98SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastIran (Islamic Republic of)0.040000.00000
964SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastIraq (Republic of)0.080000.00000
972SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastIsrael (State of)0.090000.05000
1876SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanJamaica0.030000.00000
81SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesJapan0.090000.00000
962SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastJordan (Hashemite Kingdom of)0.090000.00000
254SMSAfricaKenya (Republic of)0.090000.05000
686SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificKiribati (Republic of)0.060000.04000
82SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesKorea (Republic of)0.030000.02000
965SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastKuwait (State of)0.070000.05000
996SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastKyrgyz Republic0.050000.00000
856SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesLao People’s Democratic Republic0.070000.06000
371SMSEuropeLatvia (Republic of)0.080000.00000
961SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastLebanon0.070000.04000
266SMSAfricaLesotho (Kingdom of)0.090000.00000
231SMSAfricaLiberia (Republic of)0.070000.00000
218SMSAfricaLibya (Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)0.070000.00000
423SMSEuropeLiechtenstein (Principality of)0.080000.00000
370SMSEuropeLithuania (Republic of)0.080000.04000
853SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesMacao, China0.070000.06000
261SMSAfricaMadagascar (Republic of)0.080000.05000
60SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificMalaysia0.070000.04000
960SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastMaldives (Republic of)0.060000.04000
223SMSAfricaMali (Republic of)0.090000.07000
692SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificMarshall Islands (Republic of the)0.060000.04000
596SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Martinique (French Department of)0.000000.00000
222SMSAfricaMauritania (Islamic Republic of)0.130000.00000
230SMSAfricaMauritius (Republic of)0.090000.00000
52SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Mexico0.060000.00000
691SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificMicronesia (Federated States of)0.060000.04000
373SMSEuropeMoldova (Republic of)0.080000.02000
377SMSEuropeMonaco (Principality of)0.090000.07000
976SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastMongolia0.060000.00000
1664SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanMontserrat0.030000.00000
212SMSAfricaMorocco (Kingdom of)0.070000.06000
258SMSAfricaMozambique (Republic of)0.090000.03000
95SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastMyanmar (Union of)0.120000.04000
264SMSAfricaNamibia (Republic of)0.070000.04000
674SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificNauru (Republic of)0.100000.07000
977SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastNepal0.070000.04000
31SMSEuropeNetherlands (Kingdom of the)0.090000.00000
599SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Netherlands Antilles0.030000.00000
687SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificNew Caledonia (Territoire français d’outre-mer)0.110000.10000
64SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificNew Zealand0.100000.08000
505SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Nicaragua0.040000.04000
227SMSAfricaNiger (Republic of the)0.090000.00000
234SMSAfricaNigeria (Federal Republic of)0.090000.00000
1670SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanNorthern Mariana Islands (Commonwealth of the)0.000150.00000
968SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastOman (Sultanate of)0.080000.05000
92SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastPakistan (Islamic Republic of)0.070000.04000
680SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificPalau (Republic of)0.060000.00000
507SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Panama (Republic of)0.040000.00000
675SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificPapua New Guinea0.100000.00000
595SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Paraguay (Republic of)0.030000.00000
51SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Peru0.080000.00000
63SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificPhilippines (Republic of the)0.040000.00000
48SMSEuropePoland (Republic of)0.090000.00000
1939SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanPuerto Rico0.000000.00000
1787SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanPuerto Rico0.000000.00000
974SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastQatar (State of)0.060000.00000
970SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastReserved0.060000.04000
886SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesReserved0.070000.00000
262SMSAfricaReunion (French Department of)0.070000.00000
7SMSEurasia (Russia & Vicinity)Russian Federation0.100000.00000
250SMSAfricaRwanda (Republic of)0.090000.00000
1869SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanSaint Kitts and Nevis0.030000.00000
1758SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanSaint Lucia0.030000.00000
508SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Collectivité territoriale de la République française)0.120000.00000
1784SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanSaint Vincent and the Grenadines0.030000.00000
685SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificSamoa (Independent State of)0.070000.04000
378SMSEuropeSan Marino (Republic of)0.060000.00000
239SMSAfricaSao Tome and Principe (Democratic Republic of)0.060000.04000
966SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastSaudi Arabia (Kingdom of)0.080000.06000
221SMSAfricaSenegal (Republic of)0.090000.05000
381SMSEuropeSerbia and Montenegro0.090000.00000
248SMSAfricaSeychelles (Republic of)0.100000.00000
232SMSAfricaSierra Leone0.080000.00000
65SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificSingapore (Republic of)0.070000.00000
421SMSEuropeSlovak Republic0.090000.02000
386SMSEuropeSlovenia (Republic of)0.080000.00000
677SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificSolomon Islands0.070000.00000
252SMSAfricaSomali Democratic Republic0.130000.00000
27SMSAfricaSouth Africa (Republic of)0.090000.00000
382SMSEuropeSpare code0.090000.00000
211SMSAfricaSpare code0.070000.00000
94SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastSri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of)0.070000.00000
249SMSAfricaSudan (Republic of the)0.070000.00000
597SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Suriname (Republic of)0.030000.00000
268SMSAfricaSwaziland (Kingdom of)0.070000.05000
41SMSEuropeSwitzerland (Confederation of)0.110000.00000
963SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastSyrian Arab Republic0.070000.03000
992SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastTajikistan (Republic of)0.090000.00000
255SMSAfricaTanzania (United Republic of)0.090000.00000
66SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificThailand0.100000.00000
389SMSEuropeThe Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia0.080000.00000
228SMSAfricaTogolese Republic0.060000.04000
690SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificTokelau0.060000.04000
676SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificTonga (Kingdom of)0.090000.05000
1868SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanTrinidad and Tobago0.030000.00000
90SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastTurkey0.070000.05000
993SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastTurkmenistan0.040000.02000
1649SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanTurks and Caicos Islands0.030000.00000
688SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificTuvalu0.030000.02000
256SMSAfricaUganda (Republic of)0.090000.00000
971SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastUnited Arab Emirates0.070000.05000
44SMSEuropeUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland0.100000.00000
1340SMSUS, Canada, CaribbeanUnited States Virgin Islands0.000150.00000
598SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Uruguay (Eastern Republic of)0.070000.00000
998SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastUzbekistan (Republic of)0.050000.02000
678SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificVanuatu (Republic of)0.100000.00000
58SMSCentral & South America (Latin America)Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)0.040000.00000
84SMSEast Asia & Special ServicesViet Nam (Socialist Republic of)0.070000.00000
681SMSOceana & Southeast Asia/South PacificWallis and Futuna (Territoire français d’outre-mer)0.080000.08000
967SMSCentral, South & Western Asia, Middle EastYemen (Republic of)0.070000.00000
260SMSAfricaZambia (Republic of)0.080000.05000
263SMSAfricaZimbabwe (Republic of)0.070000.00000

U.S. Short Code Surcharges

All dedicated short codes incur a minimum surcharge fee of $0.0015 USD per outbound (MT) message to all carriers. Some carriers apply higher surcharge rates. See the table below for more details.

CarrierSMS OutboundSMS InboundMMS OutboundMMS Inbound
U.S. Cellular$0.0035-$0.01$0.01
Virgin Mobile$0.005$0.005$0.025$0.025

Note2: Formerly listed in this table, Cricket is now operating under the Aio Wireless GSM network (owned by AT&T). This carrier does not currently support MMS, though support for this feature has been sought and steps are being made to include it.

Carrier Surcharge Passthrough Fee

Carrier surcharge fees will be passed through to customers at the same rate charged to Aerialink by the carrier. Customers agree to pay these charges. Pass-through fees may change from time to time.

Canadian Short Code Surcharges

CarrierSMS OutboundSMS Inbound

* Formerly WIND

Canadian carrier passthrough fees can be found here.

FTEU Program Passthrough Fees

For details about what constitutes an FTEU progarm, see the check out our glossary entry about FTEU (Free to End-User) programs.

AT&T$0.02 USD$0.02 USD$0.02 USD$0.02 USD
Sprint$0.025 USD$0.025 USD$0.025 USD$0.025 USD
T-Mobile$0.02 USD$0.02 USD$0.04 USD$0.04 USD
Verizon Wireless$0.02 USD$0.02 USD$0.04 USD$0.04 USD

Note: Carrier fees are subject to change.

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