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Successful mobile programs are compliant with country and carrier regulations and guidelines. Learn about the processes and the requirements for compliant mobile communications.

10DLC & Toll-Free A2P

  1. U.S. A2P Customer Obligations

For Short-Code Campaigns

  1. Compliance Self-Check
  2. Call to Action
  3. Terms & Conditions
  4. Use Case
  5. Message Content & Flow
  6. Sweepstakes Programs

For MMS Campaigns

  1. Carrier Certification

For Long Code Programs

  1. User Consent
  2. Required Auto-Responses

For Canadian Campaigns

  1. Message Content Requirements
  2. Message Components & Verbiage
  3. Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Message Content Assistance

  1. High-Risk Marketing
  2. Short Code Campaign Requirements
  3. Message Components & Verbiage
  4. Character-Saving Recommendations
  5. In-Message Abbreviations