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MMS Compliance

Carrier Certification

Short codes must be certified for MMS independently from their SMS certification, even if the same short code will be used for both services and has already been certified for SMS.

It is Aerialink’s policy to submit new certifications for SMS and MMS concurrently, as when submitted simultaneously the MMS certification comes at no additional charge, while submitting MMS later on will incur a full amendment fee. For more information about the cost of MMS certification, speak with your Aerialink Account Manager.

Required Content

In order to certify for MMS via short code we must submit a Program Brief to the carriers that is nearly identical to your SMS program brief. However, for the inbound/outbount message content, we must exemplify the MMS use-case - in other words, how will MMS be used to engage with the end-user on this code? As such, we will need some things from you:

  1. A summary of how you intend to use MMS on the code.
  2. An example inbound message (including image).
  3. One or more example outbound messages (including images).

Aerialink Compliance articles are for informational use only. They do not constitute, and should not be taken as or in place of, legal advice. Aerialink customers are responsible for meeting all legal requirements applicable to their programs and are strongly encouraged to consult formal legal counsel.

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