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Long Code Compliance

Long code programs sending via numbers with a North American (+1) country code are now required to adhere to carrier expectations of compliance, similar to, but not as stringent as, those applied to certified short codes.

The requirements are outlined in the following articles. The details therein must be represented in order to avoid violation of FCC TCPA regulation, associated fines, and potential carrier audit failure.

User consent must be obtained if your program’s core message content is automated (generated by a system) as opposed to manual (entered by a person).

Your opt-in message should include the following components:

  • Sponsor/Program Name
  • Support Information
  • HELP Instructions
  • STOP Instructions

Required Auto-Responses

HELP Response

You can set your HELP message up in the Aerialink Platform Management Portal. For more information on how to set this up, see our User Guide for Hosted Auto-Replies.

Your HELP response message must contain the following components:

  • Sponsor/Program Name
  • Support Information
  • Link to Terms & Conditions
  • STOP instructions

With all of the above criteria met, your message will look something like this:

XYZ Inc Tracking: Call 8001234567 for customer support. T&Cs: Reply STOP to cancel.

STOP Response

You can set your STOP message up in the Aerialink Platform Management Portal. For more information on how to set this up, see our User Guide for Hosted Auto-Replies.

This response will be sent out if Aerialink is enforcing the opt-out on your number. For Standard Long Code numbers, you may elect to enforce opt-out on your end.

Please note that opt-out is always enforced directly by carrier networks for 8XX (Toll-Free) Numbers. For an example of the 8XX STOP Response end-users will receive, text “STOP” to 1-800-449-9477.

The STOP response message must contain the following components:

  • Sponsor/Program Name
  • Opt-out Confirmation Statement

With these criteria met, your message will look something like this:

XYZ Inc Tracking: You have been unsubscribed and will receive no more messages. Reply UNSTOP to receive messages again.

UNSTOP Response

You do not need to set up the UNSTOP response manually. The UNSTOP keyword will automatically be supported for your 8XX campaign, and allows a handset to text in “UNSTOP” to remove the block that “STOP” has placed.

For an example of the UNSTOP message content end-users will receive, first text “STOP,” then “UNSTOP” (in a separate message) to 1-800-449-9477.

Long Code Terms & Conditions

Mobile messaging regulations now require Person-to-Person messaging programs which send from North American (+1) long codes to publish SMS-specific Terms & Conditions on a web-page accessible via a hyperlink from a HELP auto-reply text message.

All long code programs’ Terms & Conditions pages must provide the following information:

  • Company name
  • “Msg & data rates may apply”
  • Help Instructions
  • Stop Instructions
  • Privacy Policy* (see below)
  • Customer Support Information (see below)

*The requirement of a formal privacy policy is dependent upon three criteria listed in the following article

Privacy Policy

When/if an Aerialink customer’s SMS program(s) meet any of the following program criteria, the custmomer is required to implement Option B and include a Privacy Policy in the Terms & Conditions.

  • group messaging
  • display advertisements
  • inbound message content scans (for the purpose of tailored advertising or to generate advertising revenue)

Customer Support Information

A working customer service number, email address or web submission form is required. For customers utilizing Option A, the Terms and Conditions web page dynamically displays the Aerialink Customer’s Company Name and Company Account Primary Phone Number accessible via the Company Settings page in the Aerialink Platform Management Portal. The viewer will submit a captcha which will allow them to view this information.

Example Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for [Program Long Code Number]

This is an SMS (Short Messaging Service) program. If you have any questions or concerns about sending and/or receiving SMS messages, please use our company information below to contact us for additional support. Please note that by opting into this service, you agree to receive text messages from or on behalf of [Content Provider name] and understand that consent is not a condition of purchase.

Does the use of this service cost anything?

Standard message and data rates may apply to all text messages. In other words, when you use our text message services, there is no additional cost to you beyond the standard charge for text messages from your wireless provider. Message rates differ from carrier to carrier, so please contact your wireless phone service provider for more details about your plan.

Where can I find customer support information for this message service?

Text the word HELP to [Long Code] at any time to receive customer support information, or email .

How do I stop receiving SMS messages from this service?

Simply text the word STOP to [Long Code] if you no longer wish to receive text messages from our service. You may also stop receiving messages by texting any of the following words: QUIT, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, or ARRET. Our SMS service supports a block list, which ensures that any attempted messages to your number will be blocked.

For more about opting into this service, please contact customer support.

What is the privacy policy for this messaging service?

Protection of Information
Any information submitted by the mobile user for text messaging purposes will remain the property of the mobile user. We will neither rent nor sell the information provided by you to us. We will at no time collect or redistribute this information without your consent, except where legally required to do so by law/court order.

Retention of Data
We will retain the text message information and mobile number for at least 6 years to comply with data retention laws.–>

Aerialink Compliance articles are for informational use only. They do not constitute, and should not be taken as or in place of, legal advice. Aerialink customers are responsible for meeting all legal requirements applicable to their programs and are strongly encouraged to consult formal legal counsel.

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