Send MMS

API Interface: HTTP
Resource: MMS Submit
URI: /20100101/messages/mms/
Methods: GET
Response Schemas: STRING Transaction GUID


An application programming interface for connecting external applications, systems, and devices with the Aerialink Service Gateway for the purpose of sending and/or receiving SMS (Text Messages), MMS (Multimedia Messages), or Data (Binary) content between an application service and a mobile wireless handset or device operating on any approved wireless carrier. This specific API covers MMS messages only.

Note: This specific API is deprecated and will be replaced with the new Version 4 API. This API version is only being provided for Test Accounts.

Note 2: Reference URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) defaults to a STRING response schema which provides the Transaction GUID.

Method [GET] : Sending an MMS Message

This method is used to send an MMS message from your application to the Aerialink Gateway which will be delivered to the end users mobile phone. The request is initiated by your application.


The following request parameters are available for this resource and method

Required Parameters

  • key [string(15)]
    The API authentication key for your request. This is to be passed as a parameter not as basic authencation. Please note this is different than the non-test, production API versions.

  • secret [string(15)]
    The API authentication secret for your request. This is to be passed as a parameter not as basic authencation. Please note this is different than the non-test, production API versions.

  • source [string(15)]
    The source code for the message. This must match to one of your codes associated with your connection. This value may be overwritten if you are using a test account.

  • destination [string(15)]
    The destination number that you want to send the MMS message to. The destination number must be in 11 digit format which includes the 1 country code, but it should not incoude the plus sign. Example “13105551212”.

  • messageText [string(160)]
    The MMS message text that you are sending to the end user handset device. This is limited to the general standard of 160 characters unless concatenation is enabled on your account. In some cases your character limit may be less depending on your specific use case and configuration or a carrier limitation.

  • mmsURL [string(160)]
    The URL for the MMS image which is to be sent to the mobile user. This URL must be publicliy accessible.

Response (Synchronous)

Response Properties

The parameters or elements returned in the response to an API request.

  • transactionGUID
    The unique transaction ID for the message

Response Schema



Status & Error Codes

For status codes related to Availability, Access, Security and Authentication, see HTTP Status Codes. HTTP Status Codes are consistent for all API resources.

Once your application has received an HTTP Status Code of 200 or 202 it signifies that you were able to successfully reach the Aerialink network and pass the preliminary security checks. At this point, you should expect to receive one of the following three API responses strings:


If you require any additional assistance, please use one of these methods to contact the Aerialink Support Team.

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