API Version 20100101


API Version 20100101 is available only to users who have not yet migrated to v4. If you are using v20100101, please contact us to plan and schedule your migration to v4. The deadline for completing migration is November 18, 2014.

Primary Resources

  • Messages Resource: Send and Receive SMS, MMS, or Data (Text/Multimedia/Binary) messages between your application and a mobile wireless handset or device operating on approved wireless carrier

  • Numbers Resource: Lookup any telephone number (mobile, land-line, satelite, etc.), to identify the associated Carrier/Operator, Timezone, and other related details for routing or billing purposes

  • Locations Resource: Identify a mobile users physical geographic location without the need for a mobile application to be installed on the users phone

  • Data Resource: Provides access to real-time carrier/operator supporting data such as zones, country codes, area codes, prefixes, timezones and other data that may be required to process your real-time transactions

  • and more . . .

Technical Overview

The Aerialink API is a RESTful over HTTP(s)-based architectural style. This means that the interface uses normal HTTP(s) requests and is easy to implement.

All requests should be submitted over HTTP using UTF-8 encoding and URL encoded values.

For further information on the REST atchitectural style, please see Representational state transfer.

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